Team Jackson 9/14/15 Meeting Recap

An overflow crowd of 240 Team Jackson members and guests greeted and were challenged by national city revivalist Josh McManus in a thought provoking presentation at The Railroad Depot this past Monday, from 11:30 until 1:15. An incredible, delicious meal was prepared by Wendy Putt and her crew at Fresh Cut Catering, and the buzz created was palpable and exhilarating.

The Team Jackson “Spotlight” focused on Kristen Ley and her creative and newly burgeoning company Thimblepress, and the Team Jackson “Shoutout” thanked Roy Decker with Duvall Decker Architects, for their visionary work with the West Jackson Master Plan, Midtown, and the development of the boutique hotel, The Fondren in the heart of Mississippi’s arts district, Fondren.

Several announcements were presented from the floor from organizations within the city, and the meeting was adjourned after a rousing challenge by Team Jackson member Jeff Good.

Stories recapping this event, and Josh’s powerful presentation were documented by several media outlets that were in attendance and are linked below for your enjoyment. It will be time well spent reading all three.

Inspiration: McManus Lights Up Team Jackson Crowd
by Paul Wolf

The Subway Lounge, Cock of the Walk, The Dock and Frank’s Famous biscuits.

These are Josh McManus’s memories of Jackson, Mississippi, a visit from many, many years ago.

Today, as the post-industrial problem solver and strategist boards a plane back to his home in Detroit,Michigan, community champions here hope he’ll remember a Jackson on the cusp of change.

McManus was the guest speaker for yesterday’s Team Jackson luncheon held downtown. With over 250 registered, attendees hoped to get a proverbial shot in the arm of fire and passion, a force everyone agrees is Jackson’s best ally.

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Expert challenges perceptions of downtown Jackson
by Jack Weatherly

Josh McManus said at the beginning of his speech at the Team Jackson luncheon on Monday that he was prone to make controversial statements.

He did not disappoint.

Two examples:

Detroit is misunderstood and is on the rebound.

By feeding the homeless, churches in downtown Jackson create unintended consequences by giving street people reason to hang around.

McManus – who lives in Detroit and works for Dan Gilbert, an entrepreneur who has deep Detroit roots and is majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers – said he came early to Jackson.

Read more by visiting the Mississippi Business Journal

A Group That Promotes Positive Trends In the Capitol City Is Bringing in Outside Help
by Maura Moed

Consultant Josh McManus calls himself a city revivalist. He says the city of Jackson has potential to thrive just like other cities he has worked in, such as Detroit.

“Jackson has a beautiful infrastructure that seems to be underutilized. There’s not feet on the streets, there’s not people on bicycles, there’s not people out and about enjoying all of the state and federal buildings that exist. I think getting people to use the city differently is really important,” says McManus.

Leaders like Ben Allen point to success stories, such as Fondren – Jackson’s local Arts District.

Read more by visiting Mississippi Public Broadcasting

The membership drive for the 2015 edition of Team Jackson is now underway, with membership information on the website, and the Christmas Membership Drive Social was announced for December 3rd, from 5:30 until 7:00 at the Arts Center of Mississippi. More information will follow regarding this event.

If you are not on the Team Jackson mailing list and wish to be, please email us at and we will be sure you are included.

Slides from Josh McManus’ presentation:
Formula For Change
Little Things to Remember

Team Jackson Meeting 5/21/15 Recap

We had a great Team Jackson meeting at the Capital Club yesterday and appreciate the presentations by Michael Rejebian, President of Jackson’s Downtown Neighborhood Association, and Tom Ramsey (La Finestra) and Allison Bell’s (Jaco’s Tacos) presentation of the newly formed Downtown Business Association of Jackson (DBA Jackson). To find out all about them, please visit their Facebook pages.

We were also honored to have Stewart Speed and John Ditto, developers of the Meridian at Fondren detail all the facts regarding this incredibly exciting venture. Scott Spivey, Mississippi Business Journal’s “Under 40 Businessman of the Year”, presented what and how his company, the Mississippi Home Corporation works with the private sector to partner for the purpose of offering work force housing in not only cities across the country, but specifically here in Midtown and Fondren.

Scott discussed the new multi-family development in Fondren, the Oxford, Taylor and Downing Court, the Midtown development West-Millsaps Homes and the downtown development Capitol Art Lofts. All of these projects are possible due to the tax credit programs offered through the Mississippi Home Corporation.

All of these projects are very exciting and keep elevating our growth in our capital city!